Revolutionary design with adjustable  height ,Industrial designed super-grip caster wheels for various types of us. Rugged anti-slip footplates come as standard for superior grip and control, Easy for storage and transport so convenient for storage, travelling and transport, Attractive look and appealing scooter with two exquisite legs can automatically sliding back and front Four-wheeled scooter easy for kids to handle with adjustable handlebar height for riders of different sizes, rear brake control easy to stop and turn around with durable steel frame simply structure very flexible, A totally new, fun, and exciting way to get around!they just move their weight from side to side (without ever putting their feet on the ground to speed up and the frame propels them forward. This wiggle scooter is ideal for smooth drifting and freestyle carving! The more they move the faster they go and can instantly blast up their speed and the wheels will swing in an S-shaped movement similar to a fish tail, resulting in a forward motion, A wide range of scooter motion can be performed by twisting body and waist in combination with arm and leg motions, This Scooter is a fun and revolutionary modification to a four wheel scooter. It can be used by children of 3-10  years & has weight capacity till 30 Kgs

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color &b design

yellow, rabbit pink, rabbit blue, woogie blue, woogie pink, frog blue


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